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John Lewis

Chief Knowledge Officer
SearchBlox Software Inc.
Explanation Age LLC

Picture of John LewisDr. John Lewis, Ed.D. is a speaker and mindset coach for change, learning, and leadership. He has authored the books, “The Explanation Age” (beyond the information age) and “Story Thinking” (beyond storytelling). John is currently the Chief Knowledge Officer at SearchBlox Software Inc., where he brings his expertise to enhance the enterprise search journey. He is also on the advisory board with the Lifeboat Foundation, a member of IIKI (International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation), and an associate editor for Leadership and Organizational Behavior with the Journal of Innovation Management. John has worked for several leading global organizations and his career highlights include launching GPS satellites and being recognized by Gartner with an industry Best Practice paper for a KM implementation. John holds a Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California, with a dissertation focus on mental models and decision making. His unified model of change represents the fundamental structure of stories, and encompasses a majority of earlier models, including Kahneman, Kolb, Kotter, and Kubler-Ross. It solves for the “fragmentation” problem described by Peter Senge, and fulfills on the quote by W. Edwards Deming: “We will never transform the prevailing system of management without transforming our prevailing system of education. They are the same system.”


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