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Picture of Gabriel KarawaniGabriel Karawani, the Co-Founder of ClearPeople, brings a wealth of practical experience in helping businesses effectively utilize technology to enhance their knowledge management and information architecture (IA). With a strong foundation in engineering and a focus on real-world applications of AI, Gabriel's expertise in Information Architecture for AI in the enterprise has made him a valuable asset in the industry.

Having graduated with a Master's degree in Engineering from DTU - Technical University of Denmark and an Executive Program Certificate in AI from MIT Sloan School of Management, Gabriel has spent over two decades working in the fields of IT, software development, and customer relationship management. His hands-on experience with various businesses has equipped him with a deep understanding of the importance of strong information management to fully harness the capabilities of AI.

As the driving force behind Atlas, an advanced Knowledge Management platform for Microsoft 365, Gabriel has helped numerous organizations streamline their projects, policies, and procedures. Atlas leverages AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services to connect people and knowledge, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and improve productivity.

Through ClearPeople’s partnership with Microsoft, Gabriel has contributed to innovative Content AI Services programs (originally known as Project Cortex), such as Microsoft Viva Topics and Microsoft Syntex, as well as Azure OpenAI. His work in these collaborations demonstrates his ability to navigate the complex landscape of AI-driven knowledge management solutions and his commitment to helping organizations achieve success through effective information architecture (IA).

Gabriel Karawani will share his insights and experiences from working with real-life businesses and their use of technology. While he may not consider himself an AI expert, his expertise in IA for AI in the enterprise offers a unique and valuable perspective for conference attendees. You can expect to learn practical strategies for implementing strong information management and harnessing the power of AI in your organization.

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