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Daniel W. Rasmus

Founder & Principal Analyst
Serious Insights
Instructor, University of Washington

Picture of Daniel W. RasmusDaniel W. Rasmus is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Serious Insights. Dan employs scenario thinking across his analyst practice to create a context for strategic planning, unique perspectives for executives and innovative viewpoints for those seeking to disrupt processes, practices, products, or markets. He teaches scenario planning at the University of Washington. Dan has served as a thought leadership advisor to Singularity Digital Enterprise since 2017.

Dan's analysis of the future of work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Strategy+Business, Fast Company, Talent Management, The African Business Review, KMWorld, and dozens of other publications. He is the author of Management by DesignListening to the FutureSketches of Spain and Other Poems, and other non-fiction and fiction titles. 

Dan has a long history with artificial intelligence. He developed the Surface Mount Assembly Reasoning Tool, a pick-and-place programming expert system, for Western Digital. He ran a $1M knowledge engineering training program at Hughes Aircraft where he also led a DARPA-funded project on intelligent manufacturing systems.

Dan is the co-author of Understanding Artificial Intelligence (Sams) and the former editor of PC AI Magazine. He was a columnist at Intelligent Systems AnalystDistributed Object Computing, and Object Magazine. His Object Magazine work, along with selected PC AI articles, were published as Rethinking Smart Objects(Cambridge University Press). Dan's most recent book is Empower Business with Generative AI.

As a Forrester Research Vice President, Dan incorporated AI into his collaboration and knowledge management research, publishing forward-looking ideas like Intelligent content services and adaptive workspaces.

At Microsoft, Dan led research on the future of work using the scenario planning process. This resulted in the New World of Work marketing platform, which offered several intriguing possibilities about the intersection of work and AI, including concepts like "information finding you." He was also responsible for the experiential future environment known as the Center for Information Work.

Dan is an internationally recognized speaker. He has addressed audiences at AAAI, Enterprise 2.0, San Diego Comic-Con, CeBIT, UBTech, The Future of Libraries, KMWorld, SAE International, and Future Trends. He was a delegate to China's World Cultural Forum in 2012, where he lectured on global collaboration. (Click here for a full list of speaking engagements).

Dan teaches scenario planning at the University of Washington and social media at Bellevue College, where he also served as its Visiting Liberal Arts Fellow. Dan attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he studied creative writing. He received a certificate in Intelligent Systems Engineering from the University of California at Irvine. 

Dan previously taught strategy and marketing at Pinchot University in Seattle, WA and has guest lectured at the Stevens Institute of Technology, The University System of Georgia, Stanford, and Cranfield University.

Dan lives outside Seattle, Washington USA, with his wife Janet. He is the father of Rachel and Alyssa and grandfather to Shana and Alexandra. 



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