Call for Speakers

Deadline May 5

Crossing the Chasm in the New Era of AI

Startups in AI are not created to be enterprise-ready but the funding suggests otherwise. Billions of dollars are being funneled into startups that are not connecting the dots with deep domains like Knowledge Management and those that are, are seen as “not fancy enough” because they actually understand what it is like to install software and scale it at an enterprise level.

This year's Enterprise AI World conference is looking for speakers to share their experience and techniques to illustrate AI in action for exceptional innovation and bottom-line success in any type of organization.

The two-day conference offers an immersive look at AI by diving into key technologies and strategies being leveraged by top enterprises today, identifying industry leaders and providing the opportunity for them to share their knowledge and ideas, examining the issues and challenges of AI, and preparing attendees to move forward with AI successfully in their organizations. AI-based solutions should align with enterprise goals, and this event gives you the foundation to find a strategic fit for AI in your organization.

Join us as a speaker this November and share your knowledge on how AI applications can transform enterprises today and in the future.

How to Submit a Proposal to Speak

To participate in Enterprise AI World 2024 as a possible speaker, or to suggest a speaker, please post your submission no later than May 5, 2024.

Submissions must include a proposed title and description of the session, speakers’ and co-presenter’s name/s and full contact information, a few sentences of biographical information relating the speaker to the topic. All submissions will be reviewed by the Organizing/Review Committee and notification regarding acceptance will be made soon.

Submit your proposal to speak today!

Conference Organizer

Enterprise AI World 2024 is organized and produced by Information Today, Inc., a diversified digital media and print publisher and conference and events organizer and producer. Our mission is to deliver world-class content in a variety of formats and serve our audiences with the information they need to make informed and critical decisions for their organizations.

Conference Program Host

Beth Rudden, CEO,

Beth Rudden, an established IT leader with expertise in digital transformation and cognitive science, founded Bast AI in 2022 to democratize ethical AI. She is recognized as a top AI Ethics leader with a successful track record transforming AI and analytics into a $2 billion venture. Beth holds advanced degrees in Anthropology and Classics and is known for her comprehensive grasp of explainable AI. Her influence extends through her patents, literary works like "AI for the Rest of US," and motivational speaking. Beyond her career, Beth is a dedicated educator, mother, wife, and esteemed advisor, actively shaping the future tech landscape.

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